Creative Animal

Creature Art Gallery

Looking for a decorative touch with a nod to the animal kingdom?  Tell me your home decoration needs, whether for a child’s bedroom, your oceanside cottage or your poolside Tiki bar, and Creative Animal will create personalized objects or illustrations. I can also incorporate flora, fauna and geography for a fun learning experience. Or design the label for your very own homebrew. 

These images represent projects ranging from home-brewed beer labels to children's books and decorative arts. 

They are just a small sample of past work:

R is for Rabbit
Octopus acrylic painting
Tangled (Octopus)
Green moray eel acrylic painting
Green Moray Eel
Blue heron acrylic painting
Blue Heron
Harbor Seals Harrumph Happily
Tiki Tray
Tasty Trio
Delmarva fox squirrel discovers a deer mouse
Snow leopard and Pallas Cat acrylic painting
Snow Leopard and Pallas Cat
Vultures eye a vole in the vineyard
Fiddler crabs scurry in the oozy mud
Fox and Mouse acrylic painting
Fox and Deer Mouse in Winter
R is for Rhino
Crow in autumn acrylic painting
Crow in Autumn
Tasmanian devil tussles with Thylacine
Red squid acrylic painting
Red Squid
Green heron and frog acrylic painting
Tastes Like Chicken (Green Heron and Frog)
Water Walk (snowy egret)
Hurricane Kitty
Deepwater Red Fish acrylic painting
Deepwater Red Fish