Creative Animal

Photograph Gallery

From caterpillars to Key Deer, my creature and nature photography fuels creativity. Photographs provide research, context and memory as I work on projects.  Creatures are a challenge to capture on film, and watching them inspires wonder regardless of season.

Images like these also provide the "fuel" for my books, decorative pieces and art work. I can create a wide range of products, including postcards, note cards, posters, greetings and books for our customers. These images represent a small sample of the catalogue available; take a look and spark your desire to "go outside and play!"  

 Photo Poster, 18" x 20", $35.00

Photographic prints:

 8" x 10", $10.00

11'"x x 14", $25.00

For gallery wrap canvases, metal mountings, or custom size images, call or email for available sizes and pricing

Sunset, North Rim of Grand Canyon
Grand Canyon Sunset, North Rim
Adirondack Frog
Adirondack Frog
Painted Lady Butterfly
Painted Lady Butterfly
Bryce Canyon textures
Bryce Canyon sandstone
Praying mantis
Looking for a Mate
Ghost Crab
Rhythm in Stones
Poinciana Tree
Swallowtail butterfly on thistle
Anole on foliage
Sea Urchin, Edisto Beach
Edisto treasures at low tide
Adirondack Chipmunk
Adirondack Chipmunk
Jackrabbit at Kodachrome
Jackrabbit at Kodachrome
Pronghorn at Bryce Canyon
Pronghorn Antelope
Swallowtail caterpillar
Snowy Egret at Edisto Beach
Egret Fishing
Sunrise at Botany Bay, Edisto Beach
Sunrise at Botany Bay
Delaware River Dragonfly
Dragonfly in Delaware
Katydid on leaf
Icelandic horses