Creative Animal
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Hello and welcome to Creative Animal! 

I'm Stephanie Przybylek, artist and life-long enthusiast of creatures and the outdoors. I'm excited to share my love of nature through art, children's publications and photography.

At Creative Animal, I explore the natural world and create objects, images and publications that evoke nature’s beauty and variety.  The outdoors is full of inspiration --I hope  it drives all of us to explore and appreciate our environment. 

My Services:

  • Distinctive decorative arts and animal artwork
  • Picture books related to nature and animals
  • Lessons, classes and workshops for people of all ages
  • Virtual art classes, lessons and tutorials
  • classroom programs that combine a presentation and drawing activity
  • murals and large public art projects
  • Personalized cards and greetings
  • Exhibit illustrations and graphics 

Want to browse or buy? Here's a link to  my Etsy shop, FishPond Arts.

You can buy scarves, shirts, bags and other items decorated with my artwork at VIDA Design Studios. With the miracle of digital printing, items are done to order. I've seen the quality first hand and it's amazing.  You can see examples below, and check out my collection here:

Stephanie Przybylek at VIDA

In this technology-dominant age, I encourage everyone to stay connected to the woods, swamps, tidal pools, and other fascinating natural places around us.  

Go outside and play!

The above creations are just a few examples of the work we've done with illustration and playful decorative pieces.
Color and texture appeal to me; these paintings of a tarpon and cod provided a great opportunity to explore nature, depict two fascinating species of fish AND have some fun with brushwork. Both works are 12" x 30" and done in acrylic.